Services Available at Scientific Test and Balance

Services Available at Scientific Test and Balance

Scientific Test and Balance offers services to help increase your performance and save you money! Air balancing helps your building’s HVAC system work at peak performance, meaning you save energy, increase comfort, and get more bang for your buck. We have a team of certified, expert professionals who are committed to addressing your mechanical efficiency needs. Our services are perfect for many businesses, including; Industrial facilities, grocery stores, lodging facilities, fitness centers, medical/dental offices, retail stores, corporate offices, senior living facilities, restaurants, data centers, and much more.

At Scientific Test and Balance, we use the latest technologies and provide the most accurate air testing available. Continue reading below and call or contact us today to get started!

New Construction

Obtain your Certificate of Occupancy and know the HVAC system conforms with design specifications before it’s turned over to operations with a certified independent air balance report.

Equipment Replacement Programs

Execute a successful equipment replacement or “roof sweep” by having it tested and balanced so you get what was specified.

Remodel Projects

Changes in floor plans affect the airflow and construction impacts indoor air quality. Have a TAB test performed to prevent any airflow deficiencies caused by construction.


All mechanical systems fall out of alignment over time. Keep air quality comfort and efficiency at peak performance by rebalancing the HVAC every three to five years.

Comfort Investigations

Receive a thorough investigatory report of the HVAC conditions at a facility with comfort complaints or negative building pressure issues so corrective action can be determined.

Unique Air Balance Programs

We are happy to create a tailored scope of work for your specific needs.

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